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Statement of the Delegation of Ukraine during the 13th Round of Negotiations

The representative of Ukrainian delegation expressed words of gratitude for assistance for Ukraine to resist Russian military aggression.

It was reminded, that since 24 February 2022, every day, in the geographical center of Europe, Ukraine is fighting for democratic values of Europe and world, and create possibilities to Energy Charter`s delegates to develop the international legislation, which is currently under threat and one day can be destroyed by Russia.

It was stressed that while delegates of the Energy Charter modernisation process thinking about future, Russia still want to back the past by resuming the war in Ukraine: kills thousands of civilians in geography center of Europe and destroy buildings, hospitals, schools, kinder gardens, infrastructure facilities, in particular energy infrastructure.

Official and open sources about civilian casualty (according UN data) and losses among civilians and facilities from the Russian invasion was provided.

Some information in energy sector of Ukraine was updated, in particular about:

The risk of such events was expressed during the previous 12 rounds of negotiations. Unfortunately, it took place in May 2022.

TSO of Ukraine stressed readiness to transportation more gas volumes to EU, while transit volumes reduced by Gazprom.

Attention was drawn to the fact, that implementation of gas transit contract and fulfilling obligation by Russia under the question which creates some risks for the European gas buyers and end consumers. Therefore, bringing Russia back to the international legislative field is important for energy security of Europe.

  • About 1 mln energy consumers in Ukraine are disconnected

In breakdown, up to 70% consumers did not have access to electricity supply, about 30% consumers did not have gas supply. Most of them are in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.

Along with the physical damage, the aggressor continued to strike energy infrastructure with cyber-attacks.

In particular, in the Eastern regions of Ukraine distribution gas system is attacked every day. According to the data provided by the biggest private DSO, preliminary estimation of the harm is €50 mln (UAH 1.6 bln). Distribution gas companies regularly restore gas supplies where possible, but regular attacks by Russian troops lead to regular new damage and destruction.

According to expert estimates, the total direct documented damage to the infrastructure exceeded $94.3 bln, in particular $227 mln due to the destruction of 27 fuel depots. Also, an open source reports that total amount of direct documented infrastructure damage is more than $ 94 billion.

  • Ukrainian oil refinery sector was disabled

Shebelynsky Refinery (Kharkiv region), where active hostilities have been going on since the first day of the war, was shut down in late February 2022, immediately after the start of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

Also, as a result of Russian airstrikes on April 2, 2022, the infrastructure of the Kremenchuk Refinery (Poltava region) - the largest enterprise for the production of petroleum products in Ukraine was destroyed. Kremenchuk Refinery provides more than a third of the Ukrainian fuel market. Fuel and lubricant depots were also destroyed. Next Russian attack was on Easter (24 April), after that refinery was stopped.

11 May evening Russia attacked already destroyed Kremenchuk Refinery with additional 7 missiles.

As a result, Ukraine needs extra supply (import) of oil products to build new supply chain and infrastructure rehabilitation.

It was reminded, that in April 2022 membership of the Russian representatives (Gazprom and NOVATEK) in International Gas Union was suspended as results of war aggression against of Ukraine. Such decision can serve as an example for respective decision of the Energy Charter.

Delegates were informed about looting and theft by Russian troops in the temporarily occupied territories, including theft property of civilians and about 0.5 mln t of grain crops worth hundreds of mln of USD. Much of the grain stolen by Russian troops from Ukraine is located in the Mediterranean on dry cargo ships under the Russian flag, the most likely destination is Syria, from where stolen grain can be smuggled to other countries in the Middle East.

Such actions can be reasons for global productive crisis, because Ukraine satisfies about 10% of export of grain to the world market with record harvest of grains and oilseeds in 2021 - 106.0 mln t (84.0 mln t of grains, 22.6 mln t of oilseeds).

In conclusion, the delegates of the negotiations on the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty and the countries they represent were called to continue supporting Ukraine, since Ukraine represents the border between the civilized world and the barbaric aggressive empire.

Due to such support it will be possible not allow evil to spread to the entire planet and stop Russia's desire to return the development of humanity into an authoritarian past. “