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Statement of the Delegation of Ukraine during the 12th Round of Negotiations

The representative of the Ukrainian delegation informed the participants of the first meeting of the 12th round of negotiations about the ongoing military aggression of the Russia on the territory of Ukraine and the growing number of victims among the civilian population. Russian troops continue regular bombing of social infrastructure facilities (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc.), as well as energy infrastructure (factories, gas pipelines, etc.). A list was given of some of the infrastructure that was subject to bombing, which caused an interruption in the supply of energy resources, both domestically (at least 666,000 consumers cut off from electricity supplies, 265,000 consumers from natural gas supplies) and posing a threat to stability supplies of energy resources, which are transporting to Europe through the territory of Ukraine.

The infrastructure of the city of Mariupol is completely destroyed in the city a humanitarian catastrophe. The situation can only be resolved with the intervention, support and mediation of third parties and the world community.

The Russia continues regular rocket attacks and destruction of the infrastructure of the city of Kharkiv, the cities of Donbass region, as well as other regions of Ukraine, and also carries out provocative shelling of its own territory to support its actions among the population of the Russia.

It is summarized that in opposing the military invasion of the Russia, Ukraine defense not only its territory, but the democratic values of Europe and the world, which gives hope to countries still dependent on the Russia to gain political and energy independence in future. Therefore, support by the countries of Ukraine in the war is a very important element and must be operational in order to effectively counter the expansion of the influence of the aggressive authoritarian regime of the Russia.

Words of gratitude were expressed to the countries that systematically support Ukraine and provide assistance. A call was made for the need to continue providing military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and increase its volume.

The Energy Charter leadership, in turn, informed about the support for Ukraine and further steps to strengthen assistance.