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Secretary-General visits the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union

On 8 September 2022, the Secretary-General of the Energy Charter Secretariat, Mr Guy Lentz, and the Deputy Secretary-General, Ms Atsuko Hirose, met with H.E. Mr. Vsevolod Chentsov, the Ambassador and the Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union.

During the visit to the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union, the Secretary-General updated the Ambassador about the Secretariat’s actions related to the collection of the Russian Federation’s arrears to the Energy Charter Conference and their potential usage to continue financing the Task Force established within the Secretariat under Activity “Cooperation for Restoring the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure”. The parties further discussed the planned activities of the Task Force and coordination of the Secretariat’s efforts with other international organisations.

The Secretary-General and the Ambassador had an exchange regarding the potential role of the modernised Energy Charter Treaty to reduce investment risks of EU companies and facilitate post-conflict investments towards the restoration of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine.