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Secretary General Rusnák meets with Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania Bejtja

On Tuesday 1 March 2016, the Energy Charter Secretary General Dr. Urban Rusnák met with the Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania Mr. Ilir Bejtja in Brussels.

The Secretary General discussed current activities and priorities within the Energy Charter Process. He highlighted the ongoing consultations on establishing common rules and principles for energy transit, and the important role the Energy Charter can play in supporting countries to secure the investments required to implement the COP21 Paris Agreement goals and objectives. 

Deputy Minister Bejtja acknowledged the value and the potential of the Energy Charter globally, and in particular in the regional context of the Western Balkan countries with regard to future investments in electricity and gas interconnections. Mr. Bejtja invited the Energy Charter Secretariat to organise with the Ministry of Energy and Industry a high level Energy Charter Forum in Tirana in the course of 2016.