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Secretary General Dr. Rusnák visits Iceland to discuss Energy Charter Consolidation

Pursuing the Energy Charter consolidation policy, the Secretary General Dr. Rusnák is on mission to Reykjavik on 7-8 July 2014.

Iceland is one of the five original Energy Charter Treaty signatories which have not ratified the Treaty. The Secretary General met with the minister responsible for the energy portfolio, the Minister for Industries and Innovation Ms. Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir, to discuss the possible ratification of the Treaty by Iceland. The meeting was also attended by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Arnadottir confirmed that the ratification of the Treaty was under active consideration in her ministry. She indicated that the issue could be brought to discussion before the cabinet in the coming months.

While in Iceland, the Secretary General has also visited some energy plants to learn more of Iceland's leading role in geothermal energy, hydropower generation and generally in sustainable energy. He outlined the benefits that the ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty could bring to Iceland, both in terms of attracting foreign investment and affording protection to Icelandic investment in the constituency of the Energy Charter.