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Energy Charter Secretary General Chairs the Legislators Forum at the IRENA General Assembly

On 13 January 2022, the newly appointed Secretary General of the Energy Charter Secretariat, Mr Guy Lentz, chaired the Legislators’ Forum, a high-profile side event staged within the framework of the Twelfth Session of the IRENA General Assembly.

The Forum included the participation of legislators from Germany, the United Kingdom, Senegal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Indonesia, as well as other high level participants from government and parliament stakeholder categories. The purpose of the Forum was to exchange experience about how legislators across numerous countries seek to enact laws in order to empower widespread international deployment of renewable energy. Under the Secretary General’s chairmanship, legislators from a range of countries highlighted actionable steps currently being taken, as well as those that countries need to take, to simplify the process of enhancing renewable energy usage and ultimately invigorate the energy transition.