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June meetings of Energy Charter Groups

Two Energy Charter Group meetings took place on 3 June 2014. The Trade and Transit Group focused on the ongoing work related to the proposed Early Warning Mechanism and the rules of conciliation of transit disputes. It was agreed to involve the Energy Charter's Legal Advisory Committee in the discussion to address some pending legal issues.

The Strategy Group discussed the Energy Charter's priorities in the medium perspective. Having received a report by the Secretariat on the implementation of the policy on consolidation, expansion and outreach, the Group gave guidance with regard to the streamlining of the policy. The Strategy Group also suggested broad directions on the Secretariat’s Work Programme for 2014 and discussed related financial aspects.

The Investment Group met on 4 June 2014 to discuss measures proposed by the Secretary General for improving the investment dispute settlement mechanism under Art. 26 of the Energy Charter Treaty. A number of presentations were made during the meeting, outlining other international organisations' work in the field of energy investment. Ms. Corinne Montineri from UNCITRAL presented the UNCITRAL Draft Convention on Transparency. Mr. Joerg Weber from UNCTAD presented via Skype a proposal on the prevention of and alternatives to investment arbitration. Ms. Geraldine Ang from the OECD presented via Skype the OECD Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure. Additionally, delegations discussed the issue of subsidies in the energy sector of several Energy Charter countries. Mr. Goncalo Sousa Coutinho from the Portuguese Ministry of Energy presented the country's 2013 reform of subsidies to wind energy producers, and Mr. Theodoros Christopoulos presented a paper prepared by the Greek Ministry of Energy on the 2014 reform of subsidies in the renewable energy sector.