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International Energy Charter is welcomed by high-level officials in Armenia

On 18 October 2021, the recently appointed Chair of the Energy Charter Conference (ECC), the Armenian Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Mr Gnel Sanosyan, welcomed Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter Dr Urban Rusnák in Yerevan. 

Mr Hakob Vardanyan, the Vice-Chair of the ECC, Deputy Minister responsible for Energy and other officials representing the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have participated in this meeting. The meeting was dedicated to Armenia’s Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference (ECC) this year and the upcoming 32nd meeting of the ECC. Mr Gnel Sanosyan was updated by Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák on the modalities of the Chairmanship, necessary steps for preparations for the 32nd Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference on 14-15 December 2021, ensuring the division of responsibilities and expectations, and other current issues. Mr Gnel Sanosyan reconfirmed the determination of the Armenian Chairmanship to hold the ECC meeting in person in the capital of Armenia and committed to consolidated coordination of preparations for this meeting. The parties had an opportunity to go over a range of topics which covered the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) process, rounds of negotiations on the ECT modernisation and cooperation with the Energy Charter Secretariat. Among the areas of cooperation discussed were EIRA, in which Armenia has been participating for four consecutive years, and Armenia’s involvement as Chair country in events organised by the Secretariat this year.  

The meeting went on a positive and receptive note and was followed by a visit to a potential venue of the ECC meeting.

On the same day, Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák was hosted by Mr Vahe Gevorgyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. Mr Gevorgyan was updated by Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák on the ECT process, negotiations on the ECT modernisation, Armenia’s Chairmanship of the ECC, and the preparations for the upcoming ECC meeting in Armenia on 14-15 December 2021. Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák indicated productive results of the secondment programme completed at the Energy Charter Secretariat by Mr Tigran Zakaryan, the nominee of the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Vahe Gevorgyan assured the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in facilitating the organisation of the ECC meeting in December.