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Industry Advisory Panel meets in Albania

On 3 March 2020, the Energy Charter Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) held its 43rd Session in Tirana, Albania. The event was hosted by Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG and was attended by Panel members, representatives of energy companies, associations, international organisations, and diplomatic representatives.

The welcoming remarks were delivered by Ilir Bejtja, Vice Chair of the Energy Charter Conference & Deputy Minister for Energy (Albania), Dr Urban Rusnák (Energy Charter Secretary General) and Howard Chase (IAP Chair). The first part of the Panel meeting was dedicated to internal procedures, Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) and developments in the IAP. The second part of the meeting was divided into two sessions. The first Session entitled “The future role of energy infrastructure” included presentations and discussions on topics such as; diversification of energy supplies in Europe, support for public financial institutions for the development of energy markets in Albania, the deregulation process of the Albanian electricity market, prospects and challenges for gas infrastructure, and a presentation of the report on the Energy Transition Outlook 2019.

The Second session focused on strategies and market rules for a climate-neutral energy sector. The topics included; an energy company thriving in the energy transition, strategic opportunities and challenges for solar power, strategies for carbon neutrality and risk management, the development of the gas market and structure in Albania, and the role of energy regulatory entities in the development of the gas sector in the country. The session was concluded with an intervention on a cost-efficient energy transition and the phasing in of new gases.

Both sessions were followed by discussions among the panellists and participants of the meeting. 

The Industry Advisory Panel is the expert consultative body to the Energy Charter Conference, providing policy advice from energy companies, international business associations and financial institutions on energy investment and the functioning of energy markets. The Panel includes members from all sectors of the energy industry and from a wide range of Member and Observer countries to the Energy Charter Treaty.