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Industry Advisory Panel holds its 45th meeting

On 15 December 2021, the International Energy Charter Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) held its 45th Session. The event, hosted by COGEN Europe, took place virtually through Zoom and was attended by the Panel members, representatives of energy companies international organisations, research centres, and business associations.

The meeting participants were welcomed by Dr Urban Rusnák, Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter and Mr Rafael Cayuela, the IAP Chair and Chief Strategy Officer & Corporate Chief Economist at Dow EMEAI.

The first part of the Panel meeting was dedicated to internal developments within the IAP, including: 

Welcoming a new member – Energy Aspects of Kazakhstan;

Implementation of the IAP Programme of work 2021;

The IAP Programme of work 2022 and

Outline of the mid- and long-term strategy of the IAP

The next part of the meeting was divided into two thematic sessions. The first thematic session was dedicated to digitalising the critical energy infrastructure. The interventions addressed key issues, such as enhancing the new phase of energy efficiency through digitalisation, mitigating digitalisation risks in the energy networks, the interlink and real-time management between supply and demand as the major advantage of digitalization. The second session focused on deepening the collaboration between international organisations, financial institutions and industry for a smooth energy transition. The interventions included reforms of international investment agreements, the need for combining policy instruments and financial incentives to secure affordable technological transformations, and support of international organisations to the energy transition process. Both sessions involved active discussions among the panellists and participants of the meeting. 

Mr Rafael Cayuela and Ms Atsuko Hirose, Deputy Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter, concluded the meeting.

The Industry Advisory Panel is the expert consultative body to the Energy Charter Conference, providing policy advice from energy companies, international business associations and financial institutions on energy investment and the functioning of energy markets. The Panel includes 68 members from all sectors of the energy industry and from a wide range of Member and Observer of the Energy Charter Conference.