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Fifth Task Force meeting on regional electricity cooperation in Central and South Asia

The 5th Meeting of the Regional Task Force on Electricity Cooperation in Central and South Asia took place in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on 18 November 2009. The meeting was organised by the Energy Charter Secretariat together with the government of Turkmenistan and with the financial support from the Government of Norway.

In his opening remarks the Minister of Energy and Industry of Turkmenistan Mr. Yarmuhammet Orazgulyev welcomed the delegates and stressed the importance of regional cross-border electricity trade, secure transport corridors and the role of the Energy Charter in promoting regional energy cooperation. Mr. Ralf Dickel, Director for Trade and Transit of the Energy Charter Secretariat, in his introductory statement highlighted the role of the Energy Charter Process in promoting regional cooperation based on the principles of the Energy Charter and welcomed the new wider format of the Task Force on Regional Electricity Cooperation.

The Task Force meeting in Ashgabat gathered the delegations from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan presenting the latest developments in the power sectors of the participating countries. Delegates and invited experts shared their countries' experiences and discussed the best practice examples in electricity markets, cross-border trade and model agreements.

The meeting delegates discussed further ways of facilitating and securing regional cross-border electricity trade, the Model Agreements developed by the Secretariat, and the use of the existing expertise within the Energy Charter constituency. Delegates also agreed a joint declaration, containing the recommendation to further elaborate operational agreements as a supplementary part of the Model Electricity Agreements and to expand the regional coverage of the Task Force. It was also suggested to organise Task Force meetings in other parts of the Energy Charter constituency interested in sharing the knowledge on regional energy cooperation.