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Energy Efficiency in Armenia

On 28 September 2017, in the Armenian capital Yerevan, representatives of the Energy Charter Secretariat facilitated a discussion on Armenia’s current policies regarding energy efficiency in the buildings sector and ways to improve them. This consultation workshop convened several key decision-makers and stakeholders including builders, city authorities, inspectors, international organisations, NGOs and policy-makers.    

Since the residential sector accounts for the largest share of total final energy consumption in Armenia1, increasing energy efficiency in the construction and renovation of buildings is a priority for the country. To this end, the Ministry of Energy seeks to pursue a range of measures2 including the development of a clear methodology and set of indicators to calculate the energy consumption of buildings. This goes hand-in-hand with on-going efforts to set up uniform and harmonised energy performance standards in buildings throughout the country. 

However, Armenia could also lose its energy efficiency potential in buildings due to non-compliance to regulations and requirements. For this reason, the core of the Energy Charter Secretariat’s current technical cooperation with Armenia focuses on ways to enforce minimal energy performance standards in buildings. References are made to best practices and experiences in EU member states, which could be transposed to the Armenian context. 

Conclusions from this consultation will contribute to a final set of recommendations on strengthening the implementation of energy efficiency regulations for buildings, which will be presented to the Government of Armenia 

This event took place in the context of EU4Energy – a European Union initiative that works with the eleven countries that make up the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian regions to support their energy policy-making. Under the EU4Energy umbrella, the Energy Charter Secretariat is cooperating specifically with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus in the elaboration of their policies and legislation related to energy efficiency. In addition to the topic of today’s discussion, this year Armenia and EU4Energy are addressing energy efficiency in energy-related products and assessing the regulatory risks hindering investments in energy efficiency and the renewable energies sector.