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Energy Charter Treaty stakeholders consultation workshop in Swaziland

A stakeholders consultation workshop on accession to the Energy Charter Treaty (ETC) took place on 12-13 September 2017 in Ezulwini, Swaziland. The three accession reports on investment climate, harmonisation of laws, and energy efficiency, were discussed with a wide range of stakeholders from ministries, government authorities, industry, and the private sector. Presentations were made by Energy Charter Secretariat experts and senior officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy who had been seconded to the Secretariat in Brussels.

Key aspects discussed included energy market structure and sector regulation, regional energy market integration, investment protection standards, national and international judicial remedies, international and domestic law, investment arbitration, the relevance of case law, local content, and price controls. Energy efficiency was also extensively discussed, including a draft national policy on energy efficiency. The workshop was sponsored by the EU Technical Assistance Facility for the SE4All initiative. Next steps are the finalisation of the accession reports, official validation, publication and dissemination. This will allow the Kingdom of Swaziland to take a well-informed decision on acceding to the ECT.


See event programme here