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Energy Charter Secretariat is runner up for the Financial Times Award

The Energy Charter Secretariat and the 2018 Model Instrument on management of investment disputes received the honours of “highly commended” within the category of “creating a new standard – In house” for the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards in 2019

Furthermore, the Energy Charter Secretariat ranked number nine as the most innovative in-house legal teams in Europe in 2019. The Secretariat works to promote effective solutions to investment conflicts. Among several workshops and trainings, the Secretariat has developed tools such as the 2016 Guide on Investment Mediation and the awarded Model Instrument. 

The Model Instrument (which is the result of consultations with government officials and international organisations involved in investment disputes) contains several policy options that can be considered when implementing the Model Instrument in line with the specific domestic administrative needs and circumstances. It is a guide that enables states to react in an effective and timely manner to solve conflict with foreign investors in the best way for both parties, and also to prevent initial conflicts before they escalate into full-blown disputes. The Secretariat is currently providing technical support to several states considering the Model Instrument.