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Energy Charter discussed at the Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing

On 16 June 2014, the Energy Charter was the subject of discussion at the Global Forum on Energy Security in Beijing, organised by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In his opening speech, Prof. Li Peilin, Associate President of the Academy, expressed hope that the Energy Charter will play a more important role in global energy security and that the Energy Charter and China will cooperate more closely. Prof. Li Peilin said: "the Energy Charter is an international energy organisation with more than seventy member and observer countries in all. China became an invited observer country in 2001, I believe this organisation will make a great contribution towards global energy security". He also stated that the Secretary General Dr. Rusnák's speech at the Conference coincided with the promotion of the initiative of President Xi Jinping to develop a New Silk Road Economic Belt.

In his speech, Secretary General Dr. Rusnák highlighted the potential of the Energy Charter as a centrepiece of global energy governance. He underlined in particular the benefits it could offer to a country as closely integrated into the world economy as China. Dr. Rusnák invited China to step up its engagement in the Energy Charter and to contribute actively to the negotiations on updating the 1991 Energy Charter.