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Energy Charter and Serbia: Important Partnership Milestone

On 24 April 2015 Secretary General Urban Rusnák met with a high-level Serbian delegation headed by Mr. Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Energy and Mining. The sides exchanged views on the next important steps by Serbia towards acceding to the Energy Charter Treaty. Minister Antić also confirmed that Serbia would sign the International Energy Charter at the upcoming Ministerial Conference in The Hague on 20-21 May 2015.

The Serbian delegation included Mr. Kiril Kravcenko, CEO of NIS Serbia. Mr. Kravcenko expressed a strong interest in joining the Energy Charter's Industry Advisory Panel which aims to strengthen the organisation's dialogue with the private sector on the main directions of the Energy Charter Process.

Secretary General Rusnák congratulated Serbia on the ongoing energy market reforms. He noted that the Energy Charter was uniquely well placed to assist Serbia in its cooperation with partner countries in the Balkan region and beyond, thanks to its broad geographic coverage, which includes producer, consumer and transit countries. A reliable regime for cross-border flows needs to be based on joint minimum standards; such standards are provided by the Charter, a multilateral process which brings together most Eurasian countries.

The Energy Charter Secretariat stands ready to assist Serbia and other interested countries in their Energy Charter Treaty accession efforts.