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Dow Chemical hosts the 42nd Industry Advisory Panel meeting

On 04 June, 2019 the Energy Charter Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) held its 42nd meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was hosted by Dow Chemical. The IAP Brussels session was well attended by representatives of energy companies, associations, international organisations, and diplomatic representations.

The main theme of the event was: “Investment for a low-carbon energy sector”.

The first part of the Panel meeting was dedicated to internal developments within the IAP, including:  

  • Welcoming two new members - Kantor Management Consultants S.A. and Eco Energy Consulting D.O.O.;
  • Finalising the IAP’s position for the Review under Art. 34 (7) of the Energy Charter Treaty;
  • Discussing the outlook on the renewal/ updated of the IAP Terms of Reference;
  • Informing about the procedures of selection of the IAP’s new Chairman. 

The next part of the meeting has been divided into two thematic sessions. The first Session entitled “Facilitating and Protecting Investment in the Energy Sector” included awareness raising activity on Investment Facilitation Toolbox and Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) publications, followed by a discussion on how the investment facilitation guidelines and EIRA could be utilised, promoted and improved. Then a sub-session on policies for management of and strategic communications on investment disputes took place. 

The second thematic Session focused on a low carbon energy sector. The first panel discussed new rules for the low-carbon energy industry and the second one concentrated on carbon capture utilisation and storage. The presentations were followed by a discussion among the panellists and participants of the meeting. The topics covered by the second Session included industry perspectives and mega-trends in the chemical industry, ensuring a cost-effective energy transition, the implications of emission targets, prospects for carbon capture including utilisation and storage in Europe, electrification scenarios in different economic sectors and the critical role of natural gas in the energy transition.  The second sub-session was opened by the presentation of the report on the potential for Carbon Capture Storage and Utilisation technologies in Europe, coordinated by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers.

The Industry Advisory Panel is the expert consultative body to the Energy Charter Conference, providing policy advice from energy companies, international business associations and financial institutions on energy investment and the functioning of energy markets. The Panel includes members from all sectors of the energy industry and from a wide range of signatory and observer countries to the Energy Charter Treaty.