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Chad’s National Development Plan

The Roundtable on Financing the National Development Plan of Chad 2017-2021, was held from the 6th to 8th of September in Paris. The roundtable was chaired by H.E. Idris Deby, President of the Republic of Chad, and was attended by Mr. Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister of France, as well as several heads of states, officials, international delegations, and representatives of international development and investment banks. Chad raised more than $ 20 billion at this roundtable.

President Idris Deby said the financing commitments achieved in Paris are essential and greatly appreciated, but beyond solidarity, Chad calls out to the international investment community to consider the attractiveness of Chad. The country has been doing the work needed to improve transparency and governance, and to provide the legal and economic environment for investors to come and participate in the future.

Chad has begun the accession process to the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). A dissemination workshop was held in N’Djamena in July 2016 and a secondment programme is currently in place, funded by the European Commission, DG DEVCO, through the EU Technical Assistance Facility for the SE4All initiative. The programme aims at improving an investment-friendly regulatory environment on the basis of the ECT.

Energy Charter Secretary General Dr Urban Rusnák was invited to the Paris roundtable by the Minister of Economy and Development Planning Mr Ngueto Tiraina Yambaye. He was represented by the Expansion Coordinator Dr Ernesto Bonafé, who discussed about the ECT accession process with the Minister of Mines and Geology Mr Youssouf Abassalah and, from the Ministry of Oil and Energy, with the Deputy Secretary General Mr Lwalaba Digali, the Director of Legislation and Litigation Mr Mathieu Guibolo Fanga and the Director of Electricity and Energy Planning Mr Adoum Orze.