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Belarus hosts consultations on the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty

On 13 March, 2020, the Ministry of Energy of Belarus hosted consultations on the modernisation in the context of potential ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). The event gathered over 15 representatives from different ministries and governmental agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. The consultations started with a welcome speech delivered by Energy Charter Secretary General, Dr Urban Rusnák, and Director of Strategic Development and External Investment Cooperation at the Ministry of Energy, Mr Zorich. 

During the event, the main provisions of the ECT were explained in detail to stakeholders, as well as the last Conference decisions in relation to the ECT modernisation (list of topics approved, procedural issues, policy options submitted). During the event, only publicly available information was shared. 

Participants were briefed on different tools promoted by the Conflict Resolution Centre, such as a Guide on Investment Mediation, Model Instrument on Management of Investment Disputes, and Legal Trainings.  

Further information regarding the event is available on the website of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus.