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Belarus: A Roadmap Adopted for Scaling up Investments in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

On 14 December 2017 in Minsk, Belarus, the third meeting of the “Task-Force for Scaling up Investments in Energy Efficiency” took place. The roundtable comprised representatives from the Ministry of Energy, state-owned energy companies, the private sector, international finance organisations and other relevant state agencies that cover the energy sector.

While the previous task-force meetings in 2017 sought to define and discuss the drivers and deterrents to investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Belarus, this cumulative final meeting presented and adopted a roadmap outlining specific steps that Belarus could take to move towards an environment that is more conducive to attracting investments.

With a timeframe up to 2030, the roadmap focuses specifically on the electricity and industry sectors. For industry and SMEs, this entails developing an energy services market and promoting ISO 50001 energy management standards. For the electricity sector and renewables, this involves preparing a standard investment contract, finalising the draft electricity market law, hammering out technical regulations creating distinct wholesale and retail markets, and proposing ways to efficiently regulate independent power generators. All of this will be accompanied by a series of expert consultations, sessions for sharing best practices and training workshops that are intended to steer Belarus towards solutions that have proven to work in EU countries.

These activities and discussions are part of EU4Energy Governance – a project funded by the European Union, which provides support to Eastern Partnership countries in strengthening their energy sectors’ legislative and regulatory frameworks. An EU4Energy implementing partner, the Energy Charter Secretariat works closely with the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus to provide technical assistance in promoting energy security, energy market reforms and sustainable energy.