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Ambassador of Turkmenistan visits the Energy Charter Secretariat

On the 5 September 2018, His Excellency Mr Chary Atayev, the recently appointed ambassador of Turkmenistan to the Kingdom of Belgium, paid a courtesy visit to the Energy Charter Secretariat and met with Secretary-General Dr Urban Rusnák.  

Turkmenistan is one of the original signatories of the Energy Charter Treaty and was hosting the 27th Energy Charter Conference as a chair country in 2017.  The country is also among the key producers of hydrocarbons in the region and has been actively advancing and promoting international initiatives aimed at the creation of multilateral transit and transport corridors. 

H.E. Ambassador and the Secretary-General discussed the most important pending matters such as the modernisation of the Energy Charter Treaty and, specifically, its transit component as being critical to Turkmenistan, cooperation with the Secretariat, the participation of Turkmenistan in the next EIRA Project and future assistance to Central Asian countries in the area of energy.     

Seizing the opportunity of the very first introductory visit, H.E. Ambassador Atayev pledged full support of strengthening efforts within the Energy Charter Process.