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A Webinar on Developing International Investment

On December 21, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, jointly with the World Bank, has organized and held an international webinar devoted to the current trends in international investment arbitration, with a focus on international treaties dealing with cross-border trade and investment.  The idea of the event was also linked to the growing calls for the reform of such international investment treaties, both bilateral and multilateral as well as moves aimed at introducing new treaties.

The participants of the webinar, which included high-level officials of the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice, renowned academia, and legal practitioners, have discussed different proposed reforms reflecting the need for a consistent framework to uphold the rule of law and to protect the interests of international investors.  

Reflecting upon the particular interest and topicality, Dr. Urban Rusnak, the Secretary-General of the International Energy Charter, spoke about the ongoing efforts on the modernization of the Energy Charter Treaty, its progress, and principal areas of the underlying multilateral negotiations. 

The participants of the webinar have emphasized that there is a growing interest in exploring ways to revamp the current treaty network and to improve the overall investment environment.