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16th RECA Meeting Takes Place in Nur-Sultan

On 5 October 2021, another annual meeting of RECA took place in Nursultan (Kazakhstan).  The meeting was organized in conjunction with the World Energy Week and Kazenergy Eurasian Forum taking place the same week in Nursultan.  The Kazenergy Association and the World Energy Council have contributed to the general running of the meeting. 

Due to certain remaining limitations, the meeting was held in a hybrid fashion, with three speakers attending live and two speakers participating via the virtual platform.  This 16th RECA meeting secured speakers from all Central Asian countries and Mongolia and ran under the headline “The energy industry in Central Asia: New national initiatives and partnerships”. 


Presentations from the speakers were designed in such a way to accommodate traditional RECA topics such as cross-border electricity projects and industry data per each country with new areas such as the role of natural gas as bridge fuel on the way to decarbonization and risks and opportunities of integrating renewables into the national and regional energy systems.  Other issues such as the role of fossil fuels in the future energy systems of Central and South Asia; investments in upgrading the balance capacities and renewables; and improvement of regulatory framework for the managerial and operational activities of the energy sector were discussed. 


Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Aset Magauov and Secretary-General Dr. Urban Rusnak have delivered keynote addresses at the meeting. 


The officials of the Secretariat have also attended several panel discussions of the WEW, in particular, those relevant to the main theme of the RECA meeting.