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Legal Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference for the Legal Advisory Committee

The Chairman of the Legal Advisory Committee, with the assistance of the Secretariat, will be responsible for conducting the work of the Advisory Committee and reporting to the Conference Chairman or Working Group Chairmen on the results, as appropriate.

The Legal Advisory Committee shall consist of experts from delegations desiring to participate.  The Chairman will aim to have representatives of the major forms of legal systems present.

The Legal Advisory Committee shall meet at the request of the Conference Chairman or a Working Group Chairman and will be assigned specific tasks.

Specific tasks which the Legal Advisory Committee may be charged with include:

  • review of the text of provisions and articles already agreed by the Charter Conference or a Working Group;
  • provision of legal advice on matters put to the Legal Advisory Committee by the Conference Chairman or by the Chairman of a Working Group.

Questions of priorities between particular assignments to the Legal Advisory Committee will, if necessary, be decided by the Conference Chairman.


Chair: On 10 December 2019 the Energy Charter Conference agreed that the Chair of the Legal Advisory Committee will be decided ad hoc by the members of the LAC.