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Industry Advisory Panel

Infographic on the Industry Advisory Panel

Why join the Industry Advisory Panel

The Industry Advisory Panel was set up by the Energy Charter Conference in 2004 as a means to build on existing contacts with industry, and to strengthen the dialogue with the private sector on the main directions of the Energy Charter Process, with a particular focus on risk mitigation and improvement of the business climate.

The Panel is intended as a consultative board to the Energy Charter Conference and to its various Groups, and provide advice on relevant issues related to energy investments, cross-border flows and energy efficiency.

The Panel has presented its views to the members of the Energy Charter both in the Charter's Groups and also in regular Communications to the Energy Charter Conference.


Members of the Industry Advisory Panel are selected on the basis of nominations from member countries and invitations from the Secretariat, with the overall aim to ensure that the Panel is broadly representative of the energy industry across the Energy Charter constituency, both in terms of geography and industry sectors.

The Chairman of the Panel is Mr. Howard Chase, Director of Government Affairs at Dow Europe GmbH.

At the September 2010 meeting of the IAP, a Steering Group was set up to ensure a more efficient running of the Panel's activities.