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Tokyo Energy Charter Conference underway !

Jointly organised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Energy Charter Secretariat

25-26 November 2016, Tokyo, Japan

Please note that registration for the 27th Meeting of the Energy Charter Conference in Tokyo, Japan on 25-26 November 2016 is now closed. Only delegates who registered will be allowed to enter the Conference room.

The Energy Charter Conference will hold its 27th Meeting on 25-26 November 2016 in Tokyo under the Chairmanship of Japan and the kind invitation of the Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference, Mr Fumio Kishida, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan.

After its conception 25 years ago, the Energy Charter Conference is taking place for the first time in East Asia. This is a milestone recognising the increasing importance of the Asian region in the global energy landscape and also the role of the International Energy Charter as a universal regulatory framework for energy investment, cross-border trade, transit and energy efficiency. The relevance of the Energy Charter Process to global challenges is indeed the topic of the ministerial conference in Tokyo. The goal of universal energy access under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the commitment to a low-carbon economy expressed in the Paris Agreement require, as stressed by the G20, continued investment in energy projects and better regional interconnection. Moreover, the G20 endeavors to improve universal access to affordable, reliable, clean, sustainable and modern energy services in Sub-Saharan and Asia-Pacific regions, which are key areas of expansion and outreach of the International Energy Charter, as reflected in the conference programme.

Draft Agenda

Discussion Note

Around 80 delegations have confirmed their participation, including a substantial number of participants at the ministerial and vice-ministerial levels.