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The role of natural gas, oil and electricity in Eurasian energy security

1-2 June 2017, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

(Optional info session 31 of May)

The Energy Charter Secretariat and International Oil and Gas University are pleased to announce a highly specialised training programme which will take place over two busy days in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, on June 1-2, 2017, under the auspices of the Turkmen Chairmanship of the Energy Charter Conference. Participants will benefit from highly interactive instruction sessions delivered by highly qualified international energy specialists. This will allow ‘future energy leaders’ to gain an in-depth appreciation of how to navigate prevailing energy security challenges, with particular attention to the role important energy forms such as natural gas, oil and electricity in Eurasian energy security. 

The unique form of instruction delivered in the Energy Charter training programmes is highly relevant for the daily workplace functions of the hundreds of graduates that have already completed such programmes. These trainings are specifically designed for junior-to-mid level civil servants working in energy policy development and planning, as well as energy professionals from the private sector engaged in all spheres of energy investment and policy management. 

During the Ashgabat training programme, renowned international experts will share knowledge and provide leadership guidance on the following topics: 

• Structural changes in the global energy markets: how gas fits in

• Conventional and unconventional oil supplies for global markets 

• Key supply sources and possibilities for diversification 

• The 20th Century as the century of oil, the 21st as the century of electricity 

• Diversification of gas transportation routes as key elements of gas strategy

• Optimisation of distribution systems: pipeline gas, LNG, other

• The key role of gas transit in providing international energy security 

• Where to go with fossil fuels amidst low oil prices and decarbonisation 

• Producer country perspectives on security of supply and the Paris Agreements COP21

• Risk mitigation in the wake of investment requirements 

• Making investments sustainable as well as commercially viable


Key deliverables of the Ashgabat Training Programme include:

- Two core “Knowledge Streams” (learning modules) offered over two days in a dynamic and interactive professional learning environment

- Two special lectures following the Knowledge Streams delivered by high class experts 

- A unique and fully interactive learning tool: model negotiations simulating the development of an international gas pipeline agreement

- Detailed course materials and energy information kit 

- A special information seminar on the workings of the Energy Charter Treaty 

- Instruction and expertise provided by international energy specialists 

- Strong networking opportunities with specialists from international organisations, governments, industry, etc.

- A “Certificate of Excellence” upon completion of the programme