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Knowledge Centre Review 4

Summer 2014 Special Issue

Issue 4


The Knowledge Centre

The Energy Charter Process in the Current Political Crisis: from East-West energy cooperation to transnational governance, by Andrei V. Belyi

Lebanon and Israel vs. Energy Security: How energy security needs may be a source of stability in a region of conflict, by Malek Takieddine, Joelle Salame

Security In Energy: Shifting Balance of Power, by Faig G. Abbasov

The Impact Of Economic Sanctions On European Energy Security, by Philipp Studt , Jorge Torres

Is the European Union a Market Power in the Caspian Region? The Case of Natural Gas, by Federica Pesce

Poland's Energy Union proposal: a fair deal for both the EU and Russia?, by Romain Su

The Energy Charter and the Pacific Alliance: Would a European energy framework fit in Latin America?, by Juan Felipe Neira Castro