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Knowledge Centre Review 2

April 2014

Iqque 2

Minister’s Agora

Energy security remains our top priority, by Ing. Tomáš Malatinský, MBA, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Secretary General’s Corner

Energy Hotline, by Lukáš Krivošík, Published in .týždeň.

Secretary General Rusnák speaks at the Lech Energy Forum, by Patrick Larkin

Modernisation of the Energy Charter: International Organisations in the Energy Sector Reconsidered, by Dr. Urban Rusnák 

In the Spotlight

Energy Security Contact Group on the Ukraine Crisis, by Patrick Larkin 

The Knowledge Centre

Regional Governance and Security in the Gulf Region - PART II, by Claudia Nocente

Regional Governance and Security in the Visegrad Region - PART II, by Martin Minárik

Why is Energy Efficiency important to the Energy Charter (and vice versa)? by Gabriela Prata Dias and Bilyana Chobanova

Russian Federation and the Energy Charter Treaty, by Verónica Jiménez Vallejo

Assessing Perceptions of the ECT Process, by Claudia Nocente and Lorenzo Maguolo

Energy Charter News

Mauritania Becomes Latest Observer to the Energy Charter

Negotiations begin on the Updated Energy Charter

Report from the First Moscow Energy Charter Forum, by Iryna de Meyer

Report from the latest meeting of the Industry, Advisory Panel, April 1st, 2014, by Zafar Samadov