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Knowledge Centre Reviews

The Knowledge Centre Review was launched in March 2014. Its goal is to inform Charter members, observers, partners, and colleagues about Charter activities and at the same time provide them with fresh research on topics of particular importance in today's energy world.

The Review is structured as follows:

Ministers' Agora: in this section, ministers from Charter members and observers are invited to share their opinions and perspectives.

Secretary General's Corner: here Secretary General Rusnák shares his interviews, articles and publications, focused on topics of particular relevance to the Energy Charter and the energy community in general.

In the Spotlight: this section features commentaries on events shaping today's energy markets.

The Knowledge Centre: here fresh research is provided on topics of relevance for the Energy Charter with the aim of raising awareness on issues of interest for energy professionals and analysts.

Secondment Programme Insights: the Energy Charter Secretariat's secondment programme is open to young officials from member countries whose economies are in transition, as well as from observer countries with a view to their accession. In each issue, the secondees to the Secretariat share some findings of their research.

Energy Charter News: in this section, the Energy Charter Secretariat reports on its recent and planned activities.