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On 21-23 September 2011 the capital of Azerbaijan Baku hosted two highly successful conferences - Gas Infrastructure World Caspian 2011 and Power Generation World Caspian 2011.

The gas infrastructure event brought together major NOC and IOC decision makers from across the region as well as ministers of energy and policy makers, who addressed an international audience. The opening keynote speech was by delivered by Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev, the President of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan...

Graham Coop, General Counsel of the Energy Charter Secretariat, talks about the new possibilities for the Energy Charter Treaty in an interview to the Global Energy Review.

The Second International Energy Efficiency Forum was held at the Ismaili Centre in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on 12-14 September 2011. The Forum was organised jointly by the Government of Tajikistan, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). Over 100 participants from 25 countries attended this event.

The Secretary General André Mernier attended the Shale Gas World Asia 2011 conference in Beijing, which was held on 20-23 June 2011. Amb. Mernier chaired the session of the conference entitled "Leveraging Knowledge & Technology in Shale Gas Exploration and Production" on June 22, day two of the conference.

On 16-17 June 2011, delegates from major regional and international oil and gas companies, state institutions, regional and international organisations gathered in Astana, Kazakhstan, to discuss the development of Caspian offshore fields. The aim of the conference was to facilitate regional and international cooperation as well as intensify the exchange of experience in using innovative technologies and improving the legal framework for the use of subsoil resources on the continental shelf.

The Secretary General André Mernier and the Director for Energy Efficiency and Investment Dario Chello attended the Workshop on Energy Regulation and Security of Supply in San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence, on 9 June 2011. This event was organised by the International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER).

The Energy Charter Secretariat participated in a seminar organised by various national and international stakeholders "How to Improve Investment Climate in CIS Countries". This event took place in Ankara, Turkey, on 6-10 June 2011 and involved senior public officials from a variety of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries known for their rich natural resources, including, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan but also from Saudi Arabia.

On 4 May 2011 the Third Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference (MENASOL) in Casablanca, Morocco, brought together officials from MENA countries and representatives of companies involved in the development of solar energy projects. The Energy Charter Secretariat participated in this event which examined the promising energy market in this important region.

At the meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Economic and Environmental Committee held in Vienna on 4 May 2011, the Energy Charter Deputy Secretary General Vladimir Rakhmanin delivered the following speech on the subject of the Energy Charter Treaty and the Modernisation of the Energy Charter Process.

As of the beginning of May 2011, the Energy Charter Conference has approved the appointment of Amb. Erik Ulfstedt as Chairman of the Budget Committee. His predecessor, Mr. Yrjö Sahrakorpi, has successfully served the Conference for many years, and Secretary General André Mernier has expressed his gratitude to Mr. Sahrakorpi for his excellent contribution to the Energy Charter Process.

Many believe that developments in unconventional gas technology may directly or indirectly lead to substantial changes in the gas sector worldwide. In Europe, governments are actively evaluating the pioneering experience of the United States gas producers and the feasibility of launching unconventional gas production on this side of the Atlantic.

The Energy Charter Secretariat contributed to the recent Public Consultation on the External dimension of the European Union (EU) Energy Policy which was conducted by the European Commission. This was an important opportunity for the Secretariat to exercise its mandate to promote the Energy Charter and to contribute to the development of priorities and possible new initiatives in this field.

As a result of the Strategy Group's work, the Energy Charter Conference at its meeting on 24 November 2010 adopted the Road Map for the Modernisation of the Energy Charter Process. The Road Map sets out specific tasks to be pursued in the medium term, in areas covering the expansion of the Energy Charter Treaty's geographical scope, transit and cross-border trade, emergency response, investment promotion and protection, energy efficiency, energy security and interdependence and the effectiveness...

Dr. Dario Chello, Energy Charter Secretariat Director for Energy Efficiency and Investment, spoke at the "Russian Energy" International Conference held in Dubai, on 7-8 February 2011. In his presentation he argued why global governance in the field of energy efficiency could prove to be the appropriate mechanism to address various urgent concerns facing the world of energy. Dr. Chello also highlighted the timely opportunity for modernising the Energy Charter Protocol on Energy Efficiency and...

On 27 January 2011, the Secretary General André Mernier spoke at the European Gas Conference in Vienna, Austria. During this event, the political and commercial players of the European natural gas scene discussed the development and status of the industry. The Secretary General's address dealt with the role of the Energy Charter in 2011.