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Strategy Group

The Energy Charter Strategy Group held its first meeting of 2017 on 7-8 June beginning at 9:00am at the new premises of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

The International Energy Charter concluded its Tenth Executive Training Programme for Young Energy Professionals in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on 1-2 June 2017. The event was jointly organised with the International Oil and Gas University of Turkmenistan focusing on the topic of “The role of natural gas, oil and electricity in Eurasian energy security “. 

On 30-31 May, the Government of Turkmenistan, as the Chair of the Energy Charter Conference in 2017, and the International Energy Charter jointly organised the Ashgabat International Energy Charter Forum on the topic of “Towards a Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of Energy Resources”. The Forum was followed by the International Energy Media Forum to brief representatives of diplomatic corps in Turkmenistan and mass media on the Energy Charter Process and priorities of Turkmenistan...

On 12 May 2017, the International Energy Charter, the Florence School of Regulation (FSR), the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) jointly hosted the Brussels International Energy Charter Forum on the topic of Mobilising Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future. The one day event took place at the Energy Charter Secretariat's new headquarters on Bou...

The Energy Charter Implementation Group held its third meeting in 2017 on 11 May at the new premises of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

On 11 May 2017, the International Energy Charter hosted a seminar on investment mediation for government officials. The interactive and informal seminar aimed to provide government officials with a practical understanding of the key issues involved in investment mediation with foreign investors and with relevant advice on how to deal with potential obstacles.

The Energy Charter Secretariat held the first meeting of the Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) in 2017. It was hosted by the Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and took place in Warsaw, Poland on 23 March 2017, on the subject of: "Pathways to Develop Flexible and Liquid LNG Market; Role of LNG in the global energy future." The meeting was followed by a study visit at the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, Poland on 24 March.

The Energy Charter Implementation Group held its second meeting in 2017 on 16 March 2017 on the premises of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

The International Energy Charter in cooperation with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS RECAP Hong Kong) held the 13th Regional Energy Cooperation in Asia (RECA) meeting on 23-25 February 2017 in Hong Kong.

The International Energy Charter held an Expert Meeting on Investment Protection Standards under the Energy Charter Treaty on Friday 27 January 2017 starting from 09.30 on the premises of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

The Energy Charter Implementation Group held its first meeting on 26 January 2017 at the premises of the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels.

The Energy Charter Conference held its 27th Meeting on 25-26 November 2016 in Tokyo under the Chairmanship of Japan and the kind invitation of the Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference, Mr Fumio Kishida, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan.

The International Energy Charter and the Energy Links Project jointly organised the 12th Meeting of the Task Force on Regional Energy Cooperation in Central and South Asia (RECA) in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 10-11 November 2016.

On 19-21 October 2016, the Energy Charter Secretariat Knowledge Centre held the ninth edition in its series of Executive Training Programmes for Young Energy Professionals in Brussels, Belgium

The International Energy Charter, the World Bank Group and the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) organised a joint Workshop during the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey on 12 October 2016 entitled "Stimulating energy investments in an era of low oil prices and de-carbonisation".